Vasaka Solterra: Multi-Objective Campaign Drives 20 Units Sold

Vasaka Solterra


Vasaka Solterra, a premium apartment developed by Waskita Realty, located in Pejaten, South Jakarta. Offering luxurious residence with top-notch amenities and various offers like promos and additional benefits. Vasaka Solterra is committed to providing maximum comfort to its residents.


Despite being backed by Waskita Realty, Vasaka Solterra struggled in building brand awareness and reaching the right customers. The challenge was to raise awareness about this high-end residence in its strategic location to attract potential customer interest.

Strategy & Approach.

Esensi Digital implemented a comprehensive strategy to overcome these challenges. We initiated campaigns to highlight the property’s key benefits, promotional deals, and unique selling points. Experimenting with different audience segments and interests helped us pinpoint the most effective campaign approach. We also created various ad formats with different objectives, especially to increasing brand awareness.

Optimization Results.

Our multi-objective campaign strategy was successful, not only we enhance the brand’s image, but we also help Vasaka Solterra achieved a closing of 20 units during the campaign period with us