From 0 Sales to 90% Units Sold Out

The Tamora Canggu


The Tamora is a luxurious apartment located in Canggu, Bali. This apartment was built by the Tamora Group with prices ranging from IDR 2 billion to IDR 5 billion, it’s designed for millennials and retirees looking for an exclusive and classy apartment.


The Tamora tried to dive into the digital area to reach more customers by allocating their offline exhibition budget to digital campaigns

Initially, they struggled with low social media engagement and their digital campaigns weren’t leading to sales.

Strategy & Approach.

Esensi Digital began by understanding The Tamora’s target market and what makes the apartments special. This insight led to the creation of compelling digital campaigns , followed by developing an engaging Landing Page.

Simultaneously, we began building The Tamora’s brand image through content that published via Instagram platform. We maximize the performance of advertising and social media content to attract audience interest and accelerate sales.

Optimization Results.

Since running the digital campaign, we have generated quality leads and increased sales significantly. In the first 3 months, The Tamora succeeded in selling at least 1 apartment product every month, and currently, 90% of The Tamora units are sold out.