Pithecanthropus: Achieving a 6.71x Return on Ad Spend



Pithecanthropus Bali is a high-end fashion brand that offers luxury and vintage items. With an offline store in Bali and expanding into online sales, Pithecanthropus caters to customers who are looking for luxury and vintage products.


Before collaborating with Esensi Digital, Pithecanthropus Bali experienced difficulties in developing an effective online sales strategy through the digital campaign that had been running, especially during the pandemic.

Strategy & Approach.

Our strategy includes analyzing market segments that align to Pithecanthropus’ strong brand positioning. We focused on creating digital campaigns targeted to the right audience to increase traffic to the Pithecanthropus Bali website.

Optimization Results.

Through continuous testing and campaign optimization, Pithecanthropus succeeded to generate a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6.71 times, indicating the success of the digital marketing strategy we implemented.