Rapid Growth with 400 New Students in 3 Months

Mandarin Huang


Mandarin Huang is a Mandarin language learning center that offers language education for all ages, from children to adults. They stand out with their small private class system (6-8 students per class), teaching by Chinese-trained teachers, comprehensive learning resources, and e-certificate, Mandarin Huang provides a high-quality Mandarin learning experience.


One of the main challenges for Mandarin Huang is the lack of effective social media activity to attract potential clients or students.

Strategy & Approach.

Esensi Digital developed a campaign strategy that focused on Mandarin Huang’s Unique Selling Points (USP). We target ideal audiences that match with Mandarin Huang’s profile to increase engagement and conversions.

Optimization Results.

This strategy proved successful. Lead to an enrollment of 400 new students within 3 month. Currently Mandarin Huang has expanded, moving from purely online class to offering in-person classes in Gading Serpong, South Tangerang