Achieving a 500% Traffic Increase and 8.25x ROAS

Atlas Beach Club


Atlas Beach Club is a popular destination in Bali, is known for its strong brand position. Atlas Beach Club aim to attract the international market, especially ahead of Anniversary and New Year events. With its prime location and excellent amenities, Atlas Beach Club offers an unforgettable experience.


Atlas Beach Club faces challenges in competing with large competitors such as Savaya and FINNS. As a relatively new Beach Club, Atlas wants to expand the market, especially to Australia and other countries.

Competing against large competitors such as Savaya and FINNS, Atlas Beach Club relatively is a new Beach Club, aims to expand their market, especially to Australia and other countries.

Strategy & Approach.

Facing this challenge, Esensi Digital developed a comprehensive 360 marketing plan that includes paid and organic channels. We focused the campaign on several key aspects: Atlas Beach Club’s Unique Selling Points (USP), upcoming events, facilities, and promotions.

Optimization Results.

The strategy led to a remarkable 500% increase in organic traffic and a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reached 8.25 times. This shows how Esensi Digital succeeded in overcoming Atlas Beach Club’s challenges in market competition and increasing brand awareness and attracting more visitors through effective digital marketing strategies.